35. Seven Eighths

Attempt a new approach. Writing specifically for live performance. I set up a makeshift drum kit, wooden-spoon-tied-to-foot makes bass-drum-pedal banged on electric heater, saucepan lid cymbal, etc. bla. Recorded with one mic in room. Mostly written through improvisation. The result seems to me a shameless plagiarism of STEIN (available at Best New Fun), and not only because the synth sounds like an accordion.


Ripping off and short piece seem to necessitate record another track with different process. Quite short. Not very interesting. BAAAAA.

Argyle right click and ‘save as’

Reflecting on process and practice, how has it progressed/changed? It is certainly refined, as far as songwriting goes, but is this a good thing? It feels like a novel skill or party trick, to be able to write a song in a day, whose results may or may not be worthwhile.

Do I regard this as progress? To me the product seems less valuable without the toil.

Perhaps, then, progress in another sense, to be thought of as a tool in the belt, a notch in the grander scheme of the progression of my creative practice. As in, it doesn’t matter whether it’s good or bad, or rather, it can neither be good or bad. Put it down to experience, yeah? Yeah, yeah. Whatever.

Sign off.


4 Responses to “35. Seven Eighths”

  1. Arron Hormoz Says:

    Hey mate,

    I’ve just been catching up on the blog (after being in Cuba) from the beginning until here, I don’t know who Stein is but this seems like a good way to smash the creative block you were dealing with yesterday. I liked it anyway.

    Don’t know how useful my comments will be; as you know I’m quite insouciant with the music I listen to, which doesn’t make for much of a critic. But I’ll try and comment as much as possible, in the hope that something I say may be useful.

    BTW, as a whole I think your C.E.P. looks fantastic! Looking forward to seeing you when you’re back in the real world.


  2. Jez [STEIN] Says:

    shitman. is it bad- thats possibly my favorite.. no thats hard to say when there are too many gems. i wouldn’t have spotted the similarity, but certainly would have gone away to try and copy you. i think its a chilling little vignette, i love it so much when your voice sounds calm and confident. your percussion is both understated and bold, unique and classic. its great to hear acoustic space in your songs, bit of a sucker for that ROOM sound. damn i wish you could get this message now. i want to say: Yaseen! dont dismiss your creative babys so young, they are full of promise. i’m over here desperately attempting some hit Clarke electropop, but of course it’ll end up a completely different monster all its own.
    plagerism is bollocks anyway.
    theres nothing wrong. theres nothing wrong with you.

  3. Christine Says:

    And I have to aggree on that one…from Jez…
    You are doing great!!!!
    Can’t believe how productive you are..(even if it is under pressure…)
    At least I just want to send you some hugs from Berlin…and letting you know that I am catching up on you now and then…
    ENjoy yourself…
    Have fun!!!

    Lots of love

  4. Jo Says:

    I agree with all of Jez. Ummm i cant believe how wholsomely beautiful Bonny is. it makes me want kids with you.

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