33. Azerbaijan

I had a weird night. Dreamt the strangest dream of my life.

Tried quite hard and produced nothing today, felt very bored with it all. The familiar apathy came on after several failures. Here is a mush of all the unfinished bits and bobs. It is an idea stolen from Mr. Oizo’s most recent album.

Birthday Boy right click and ‘save as’



2 Responses to “33. Azerbaijan”

  1. Jez [STEIN] Says:

    i’ve just been going through everything so far making a BEST OF ISOLATION playlist for myself, and i realise i never properly listened to this one.. yas, you are chock full of idea’s, your like an idea machine, but more human. this 1 song alone has about 20 others in it. amazing. incredible.

  2. Jack Says:

    This is pretty good for unfinished, out of your apathy you’ve created quite a few brilliant songs. Sounds like a mix of songs to advertise your new upcoming album

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