30. Down From Ten

Ten days remain.

What a startlingly easy work-day when compared with yesterdays unsuccessful toil. I don’t really understand it, to what can I attribute these polar shifts in work motivation? I suppose yesterday left me with a determination. Is this always what comes out of apathy, or is this to do with my desire for a successful project?

Gift Off right click and ‘save as’

I got a horrendous fright when a women walked directly in-front of my window, round the back of the house. It felt extremely weird, I was certain she was going to knock on the door but she was just checking the meters which are mercifully outside.

Yo YO. Peace out.


2 Responses to “30. Down From Ten”

  1. khalil Says:

    This track is cool, even I can relate to it, although that may be a bad sign! I think you should try and develop the lyrics.

  2. Tasneem Says:

    This seems like a bit of a departure from your normal style somehow. Love the chorus.

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