28. Robots And Empire

I feel as though I had some difficulty writing this song. It is not very long, certainly doesn’t reach the five min. min. (more on that in a moment). Though, at the outset, I had intended it to be a full length song (in the format of most of the others) it seems right, or rather I like it, as it is. Certainly the strongest reason for it not reaching this ‘full length’ is that I reached a dead-end, so to speak, and not primarily because I thought it was better this way (though is there a distinction?).

Backache right click and ‘save as’

As to the issue of the five minute minimum daily length, I feel it is pertinent to address it at this conjecture. I haven’t often met it (indeed, of the ‘songs’, those of days when I have posted only one track, the length has exceeded five minutes only three times), though this doesn’t seem entirely important, despite it being a central aspect of the project (though not to diminish this centrality). It would be very easy for me to pass this off by saying “five minutes was more of a guideline”, and this is true to an extent, though guidelines have a tendency to be bent more and more, and this is something I wanted to avoid. Rather it has always seemed most important that songs be left to their appropriate length. It would have been ridiculous (not to mention easy) to have extended each piece to above five minutes just in order to reach this minimum. The offshoot of this, of course, is that all the songs would have been almost exactly five minutes long, which would be a slightly embarrassing pattern of song writing (to say nothing of the constraints already in place).

The importance of the five minute minimum, therefore, lies in its ability to push me. Despite my lax interpretation of the timespan it invokes, it has still encouraged me to publish one song a day, often, I regret, at the cost of that song’s quality and/or potential. I don’t know how, nor do I expect, things will appear differently once the forty days are up, but it is very difficult for me to say how different things might be if I didn’t have these specific rules/guidelines in place. Would I have spent the entire period working meticulously on one piece? If so, would the piece benefit or suffer as a result? Would I have produced anything at all? Would I be too inhibited to post anything, having not been obliged to?

I realise, with all this conjecture, that it has been a while since I last reminded everyone to keep posting comments: please do!

Auf Wiedersehen, pet.


5 Responses to “28. Robots And Empire”

  1. Alex Tompkins Says:

    Hi Yaseen,
    Thought i’d leave a comment! i have been checking every few days and listening to what you are putting up! its going well i think! i especially like hearing about your inner battle to write or not to write pop songs. I hope you have enjoyed the 40 days! ill speak to you when you are back in the real world.
    keep going..retrospective encouragement…


  2. Richard Says:

    Hey man, checked back for the first time in a few days as I have been graduating and working, however you appear to be becoming ever more immersed in your project. Running at it more and more like a scientific investigation which is increasingly interesting. It is good that you are not releasing yourself into the comfort of a single style of music though and are continuing to experiment. This makes your very necessary but easily broken guidelines ever more important because it gives you a space to run around in and though you may not… run to each side of the guidelined area you are aware of it’s existence and can hopefully freely work within it.

    YES YES YES ol’ boy.
    Quite the artist.
    Ever more proud.


  3. Charlie R Says:

    everything i’ve already said still applies, here is a comment to confirm that that blog is as good as ever. no point saying keep it up as when you read this it will be too late, if that wasnt the case i’d have more to say!

  4. Charlie R Says:

    i had a dream and you were back last night and i gave you a BIG squeeze and everythin was fairly normal

  5. Tasneem Says:


    Impressed as ever and wish you could receive the encouragement now… However I disagree that today’s seemed finished. I thought it had only just started when it finished!

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