27. Fishermen

I have written another pop song. I feel ambivalent about process and product. This one uses lyrics to an old song, slightly changed and added to. I’ve paid slightly more attention to recording today. Often I gloss over the production process, it’s not what’s most interesting to me, but I felt like part of my disillusionment was down to how poorly recorded and produced the last track was. Blaah. Here it is:

At The Arboretum right click and ‘save as’

It has been one of those non-days. I’m trying to think of something fun to do this evening…

In a while, crocodile.


5 Responses to “27. Fishermen”

  1. Charlie R Says:

    great song. the fireworks story made me laugh

  2. Billy Says:

    Love the lyrics Yaseen. You lonesome old dog. Can you make a song called lonesome old dog? Once again I am in complete awe of your genius mate and can’t wait to see you again. Love the fireworks story too, and needless to say I would have royally soiled myself had that happened to me. HA fireworks, more like fearworks.

  3. Daoud Says:

    I love this one. In fact I love most of them. I’ve stuck my favourites on my ipod and I listen to them while i walk along the thames and over the millennium bridge, or on the train.

    Sorry for the lack of comments recently. My only (poor) excuse is that we didn’t have internet until Friday. I’ve been catching up on the listening since then but haven’t got round to writing any comments – sorry….

    Anyway I’m enjoying muchly and looking forward to seeing you in just a few days God willing. x

  4. Daoud Says:

    I should also add, you’ve displaced thriller, although fortunately there’s still room for live from camp x ray and hot charity.

  5. Alice Says:

    i love Yas.

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