24. They Aren't

Saturdayyy, alright.

The morning was more frustration and uninspired doodling. Post lunch, inspiration struck and I made this little sample-stretch-and-loop-improvisation program. It’s called Margot And Gannet. Here is a picture of the control section:

Margot And Gannet

It uses 4 point interpolating table readers to ‘scrub’ two 10 second samples according to parameters denoted by these controls. You select a region using the sliders (if placed inversely it plays backwards) and the numbers on the left denote volume and, most significantly, read time (in ms). The unique thing about the way this sampler works is that instead of denoting a speed – effectively pitch – you denote a distance and a time. This is quite confusing at first, everything seems to work upside-down, but ultimately it provides a completely different approach to sample playback.

I made various attempts with various different samples. ‘…Grow Old’ uses a sample of mugs struck with a pen and a plastic bottle being crumpled. ‘…Alike And Alike’ uses guitar and an electric heater.

Margot And Gannet Grow Old

Margot And Gannet Alike And Alike right click and ‘save as’

I’m glad to have found something that has engaged me. I’m overflowing with ideas now. At present, I’m entirely of the opinion that this kind of inspiration can be completely self instigated, even forced. Such a polar shift – from yesterday’s black mood (which continued through this morning) to this afternoon’s enthused attitude – apparently purely through my own perseverance, seems to corroborate this notion.

And my beat goes: Bye, bye bye, bye bye, bye.


2 Responses to “24. They Aren't”

  1. Jo Says:

    really love Alike And Alike i want to use it, i am going to take in to the studio to work with. cheers mate

  2. Jo Says:

    i hate sundays, with no music from you…i always forget and come online to listen, have a small panic thinking, whats wrong, why hasn’t posted anything!!?!?!??! then remember that you have sunday off, and feel the dissapiontment. And then imagine for a while what i’d do if you didn’t post something in the week…hell. Its odd how your routine has influence other people’s routines. i cant spell routines. I’m going to TJ now to find us a sweet house.

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