22. Gambol

The visitors left today, I promptly scurried across the lawn with all my belongings and reinstated my presence in the house. They left behind some bread, a squiddy smell of bait and messy floors. Looking forward to a hot hot bath and a super supper.

The morning was me working (still in shed) on the song generator. I had planned to have it at a useable state and have recorded a song with it this afternoon, but it didn’t quite work out that way. After I moved back in I felt like recording a song the old fashioned way, so here’s that endeavour:

O Mr right click and ‘save as’

Here’s a tale:

Last night I went outside, as usual, to brush my teeth on the cliff top (no bathroom in shed) and what an exciting flurry of activity I found. The first thing was an unnervingly loud, static-y radio bleep, sounded very proximal, but in fact seemed to be coming from a collection lights, about 200 metres away, dashing about on the water down by the lifeboat station. There were people on the beach and then a big, well-lit boat launched and sailed out a little way.

AND THEN, just as I was resigning myself to the boring conclusion that it was just a lifeboat training excercise: EXPLOSIONS! in the east-south-eastern sky, at least a hundred miles away. It sounds far-fetched, but they were definitely fiery explosions. I couldn’t help but indulge the entertaining notion that the Principality of Sealand was engaging in some familiar fracas, but they’re out of my line of sight on this part of the coast (the Principality of Sealand is a WWII coastal outpost which was commandeered and declared an independent state, a search should provide a fascinating hour or two on the internet). Perhaps they were playing at war with their Dutch enemies (not the state itself, but Dutch nationals), or Holland itself is under attack.

Although these suppositions are fairly ridiculous, it does highlight the questions about my detachment. If Holland was at war, would someone deem it important enough to get on the emergency number? I doubt it, unless it looked like England, and in particular the Norfolk/Suffolk coast, was next on the list. Though I’m not a particularly avid follower of current affairs, it would seem very strange to me if I came out of here and had missed some world changing event. Imagine how it would feel to have gone completely unaware of 9/11 and then emerged to find peoples attitudes and understandings about the world had completely altered.

In addition, it raises the concern about the futility of only being able to receive emergency news via text message. What if (and I’m aware of how ridiculous this all is) an invasion was just hours away and I was happily diddling about with a keyboard whilst loved-ones desperately tried to alert my attention. I can just see the logging-on-text-reading and simultaneous hostile landing mounting the sea-defence and running down the lawn.

Enough blllllaaaaa.

Ok then, right, Ok. Well, Ok. Ok bye. Bye now. Bye.


5 Responses to “22. Gambol”

  1. Richard Says:

    haha wow, I haven’t watched T.V for a few days, maybe Holland is ablaze with pain.
    A welcome return to the house for you I am guessing and for your listens a welcome return to your tasty brand of yaz-pop.
    Not that the randomly generated music wasn’t great, it was definitely more a conversation stimulator, an academic exploration of some of digital music’s bones… floating within the the realms of Burroughs cut ups etc. Interesting and quite marvellous (especially as I said before for film soundtracks) but it does not ,as some other comments have expressed, make me feel a connection with you, your thoughts and understandable talents.

    Keep on rocking.

  2. Tas Says:

    ha ha! enjoyed this post and the music very much. Still awed by your output x

  3. alice Says:

    its embaressing HOW many times ive listened to this today. i think i love it. i think i actually love it.

  4. Charlie R Says:

    i’m googling to try and find the results, but no luck yet! as always, it’s a pleasure every time there’s new words and sounds to digest on this blog. scrumptious stimulation

  5. Jo Says:

    I have listened to this track 5 times in a row. i bloody love it. it makes me want to dance about the library in which i am sat. i feel like your vioce is much better than usual on this track. I find this track easier to connect with than the randomly gererated work you have been exploring…this might just be because i get to here your voice which i miss unbelievably. But i think its cos i feel like it means more if its intensional. x

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