21. Rafting, White Water

Today has been graft. What I have achieved is only half complete: a machine that randomly generates whole instrumental tracks to have lyrics written and recorded atop, acting as self critique by reducing process and decision making to random number generators. It might be pertinent to reference Microsft’s Songsmith here (a quick youtube search will yield some hilarious results), a program that listens to sung melodies and then generates backing tracks beneath according to very few user decisions. Ultimately it would be nice if my program even generated lyrical text, but I sense this is way out my league.

These are demonstrations of works in progress, I rushed the final actual noise making segment of the program in the last hour before it was time to start uploading, so it sounds pretty rough. It took all morning just to generate lists for denoting structure, it is definitely the most complex piece of design I’ve ever tried to implement.

For something that has riveted my attention so unfalteringly, the results are perhaps a tad banal, but I’m hoping completion of the project will be a little more exciting.

Such A Simple Sally

Oh Obvious Ollie right click and ‘save as’

This evening I cooked the worst pasta of my life on my tiny camping stove. The water never quite boiled so the meal was a starchy struggle.

The sun was uninhibited again today, the room reached a lovely heat. Within five minutes of the sun dipping behind the house it is cold and my fingers start to go numb. I hope it’s nice tomorrow.

Ok, then, bye, bubye now.


4 Responses to “21. Rafting, White Water”

  1. Tas Says:

    I was just saying to Daoud, I’m so impressed that you are actually doing this, and writing really interesting words and music. I look forward to checking the blog every night, and then compare how much I’ve achieved in one day to how much you have…. lets just say you win!

    On another note, I was also wondering what is the purpose of randomly generated music? If music is a medium of communication between people (expressing feelings etc that can’t be expressed in words), then what does randomly generated music express / cause in its listener? the equivalent if you did it with words would just be gibberish.

  2. Jack Says:

    I like the way your random music is developing, sounding more melodic each time. I have quite a few questions about how each instrument is constructed and how you manage the length of time in which each sequence of random music is generated, but i want IMMEDIATE answers which is quite frustrating so i wont write them now, hopefully you’ll answer them as you develop it OR i remember them for when i see you haHA. Sweeeeet x

  3. Dad Says:

    The random music seems to be approaching your goal, which, for Tas’s benefit and as I understand it from your post 19 Hot House, is to critique a genre of contemporary pop music which could almost have been randomly generated, and which, to my ears at least, is incredibly tedious and instantly forgettable. Maybe I misunderstood your intention, but I think you’re beginning to achieve my understanding of your aim.


    Musically I think I prefer the less melodic results of yesterday’s post.

    I’m curious how you’re tweaking the software, and choosing the starting points. Clearly there has to be a point of departure determined by human intervention, as well as an element of choice in programming the software to give you the results you’re aiming for. So the results can’t be entirely random.

    Also presumably you’re choosing segments of potentially hours of noise to offer up at the end of the day.

    Truly randomly generated music would just be white noise, wouldn’t it?

  4. Lucy sister of Jo Says:

    Hello Yas

    Jo thought I might enjoy your musical experimentations and dash it she was right! I’m liking a lot of your music, and equally much your musings about life in isolation. I can absolutely sympathise with the horror of badly cooked pasta, I hope you can move out of the shack soon and get some proper cooked food down your neck, although in terms of testing your limits perhaps bad food is a good one to add to the list of daily struggles?

    I’m not exactly a music expert so forgive the absolutely wankadelic music genre names and terribly unsophisticated opinions, but you did ask for comments so here goes – interesting that you’ve been writing so much electronic stuff. I wondered whether being out in the sticks with nothing but the natural world and a few inbred locals might inspire a more folky edge to your music, as folk seems to me to be the type of music that is most in touch with the wilds of britain, and the sort of sweeping desolation and loneliness that can accompany it. like for example most of rachel unthank and the winterset songs.

    maybe you are being drawn to more rhythmic beaty music cos you are more in touch with the natural rhythms of the waves/weather/mountains etc? or maybe that’s just the kind of music that you write? i wouldn’t have a clue as i don’t know anything you’ve written before isolation. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm how intriguing

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