20. Porsche Cabriolet

This morning was a damp chill pervading the room. I slept with a duvet stuffed inside my sleeping bag. It was confined, but warm. The afternoon saw a heavy downpour, my little shack made a meal out of it. Twilight cleared to a stunning sunset.

I have been working more on random music, though today’s progression is not that dramatic. It is a fairly basic extension of yesterdays program, with the addition of playing through a synth (called Sweet Synth) which I built myself. The device which plays it (Showman) is a more advanced version of yesterdays program. The outcome is much closer to what I was hoping to achieve, much more texturally focused than yesterday’s melodic outing. The first of these two, however, lacked a little melody, the random controller giving too much weight to heavy modulation. The second has quadratic curves applied to the probability going to the modulators and the melody is thus allowed to shine a little more. It’s not exactly where I was hoping to go, but it’s close.

Showman Plays Sweet Synth (excerpt)

Showman Plays Sweet Synth 2 (excerpt) right click and ‘save as’

I am hoping to leave this infant jaunt into random music behind and start a new project which sees various instruments playing together and biasing random decisions on what they ‘hear’ from the other instruments. I’m sure this goal will mutate.

Ciao for now.


3 Responses to “20. Porsche Cabriolet”

  1. khalil Says:

    I’m sorry I’m just not in a position to comment on the music, only to say that I don’t like this one! Its just as well that your written post is pretty sane otherwise if we were judging your state of mind from this particular output we would be quite concerned!! The thing about random music is what is truly random? Because the response to the random triggers are programmed, change the program and the same random triggers will produce a totally different response. Do naturally occurring random events, like the falling of raindrops for instance have a different type of randomness to a computer generated random sequence? Apart from the fact it would be pretty difficult to rig the synth up to respond to the raindrops!! I think what I am trying to say is do naturally occurring events have more meaning than artificially created random events? and if so can we tap into that in some way so that the sounds/music reflect that meaning. I’m thinking of the stunning micro-biological images that we see. The images that the microscope produces dont’ have colour as such, but they are coloured according to some man made criteria. The results are amazing, so although the images are artificial to a degree they are not divorced from reality or without meaning

  2. Charlie R Says:

    i think this is a really cool and interesting experiment, and i’m enthralled with the results. i wonder if a computer would be capable of composing a ‘catchy tune’ like this

    this is the wednesday before jack and billy and i will take you food and i’m a little bit concerned about the logistics at your end, i.e. letting ou know we’re there. HOPEfully, when you read this in hindsight, you’ll laugh about what actualy happened

  3. Guy Lochhead Says:

    I like the idea that you might emerge from this project wild-eyed, battered by the winds, and wanting to be referred to only as ‘The Showman’.

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