17. Ghosts and Fivers

Happy Hallowe’en.

Ghost Town right click and ‘save as’


9 Responses to “17. Ghosts and Fivers”

  1. DAoud Says:

    Lovely. I’d love to hear Thom Yorke singing this. Perhaps you could do a duet.

  2. Richard Says:

    I could not help smiling the whole way through this tune. I really couldn’t pin point who it reminded me of either and then Daoud revealed exactly who I was thinking of in his comment above. However the dramatic ghostly sounds take it away from Yorke’s soundscape to the world of the carnival and for some reason I want to say desert… ? Haha Felt very comfortable listening to this. I hate Halloween. You have saved it for me today yaz, just worked 10 hours are slaskbusters and you saved it. Well done.
    A sense of humour slicing up the serious makes for a delightful ear taste.

    R x

  3. Tasneem Says:

    like it – reminds me of muse though more than radiohead

  4. Jo Says:

    GHOST TOWN!! oh yas, the heaven of this song.

  5. Jo Says:

    I’m worried that Yas hasen’t posted anything today? what is going on does anyone know? the plan was to carry up-loading whilst in the shed isn it?

  6. Jez Says:

    dont worry! i think his posting times fluctuate. today yas worked hard. well done yas.

  7. Charlie R Says:

    this is a great tune

  8. Guy Lochhead Says:

    Spooky shed music!

  9. Guy Lochhead Says:

    Oh no, you weren’t in the shed!
    Spooky… house… music….
    Haunted house music!!

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