16. Carnival

I’ve truly discovered the pure hell of recording acoustic guitar. What an interminable pain. I suppose a live room and an expensive mic would help…

In hindsight, I should have recorded this differently. The notion is to write music for live performance: simply a backing with me playing guitar and singing. Quite an obvious idea I suppose. Anyway, I recorded this as I would if I were in a studio, but that is not its purpose. Instead I should have prepared the backing, and recorded, with an open room mic, the playback and me performing along, as one would in a genuine live setting. Next time.

N’e’fin’ right click and ‘save as’

Well well.


3 Responses to “16. Carnival”

  1. Chris Says:

    Why did you decide to use acoustic guitar on this one? What about electric? Very treble-y, but still in no way a bad song though. How did this song used to go? I recognised the guitar from the chorus, but couldn’t hum in my head it’s previous incarnation.

  2. Billy Says:

    Mate so sorry I havn’t been in contact, I have literally had no internet from about 3 days into your isolation. I’ll keep it brief- I LOVE WHAT YOU’RE DOING. Hope your doing okay. I know what you wanna do you all wanna have little people

  3. Billy Says:

    this is my fave

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