15. Words About Words

I’ve stopped feeling sad. It was never a great issue, but I note it with interest. Not sure exactly when the last time I felt sad was… I guess I’m over a hump (makes me think of Peep Show: “Our wedding, The Hump!”). Instead it is replaced by a nagging boredom and trembling impatience. Haha, that’s an exaggeration. Occasionally I think, “Cannae blody waiut tae ge’ oota here”.

I’ve decided not to address the electro-pop issue. If I wanna make electro-pop, then I’m damned well gonna make electro-pop, and let that be the end of it. Here is today’s manifest toil:

Farmers’ Market Martyrs right click and ‘save as’

On Sunday I will be moving into a shed at the end of the garden. People are coming to stay here (MY hermitage), it is a holiday home after all, from Sunday until Friday. I checked to see whether or no the extension cable reaches from the house to the shed. It does, as luck would have it. Actually, I have been regarding this usurpation with some trepidation, but for some reason this confirmation of distance has done something to soothe my concerns. Anyway, as of Sunday, I will be broadcasting from a shed on the cliff edge.

Aww, well, cheer-e’o then!


11 Responses to “15. Words About Words”

  1. Dad Says:

    This is truly awesome! I’m soooo proud of you. Like Richard says, it’s so frustrating not to be able to give you encouragement.

  2. Daoud Says:

    “If I wanna make electro-pop, then Iā€™m damned well gonna make electro-pop” – hurrah – you tell us! like we’d ever complain…

    It feels like this isolation is a musical coming-of-age. You’ve tapped into a seemingly endless well of creativity. It’s wonderful to see the amazing potential you’ve always had bear fruit in this way.

  3. khalil Says:

    I’m not sure I’d call it electro-pop more like electro-folk. I think what has surprised me is that me in isolation and in silence apart from the sounds of the natural world, I would have expected those sounds to be reflected in the music. There are some good contrasts and juxtapositions but I have to say I prefer the “purer” sound of the vocal and guitar. There is a definite progression and its getting interesting. I met Abdul Mateen of Surrey university the other day, hes been following your postings and is impressed. He said he wished his students had the same discipline and level of productivity.

    It is strange writing comments in the present that will only be read in retrospect.

    I put forty days isolation into Google and you came up on the first page, which is pretty cool although below an American death metal band called Forty Days of Isolation-I’m not sure I see a connection! I’m trying to read Sara Maitlands A Book of Silence-her story of 40 days of seclusion, so that I can compare her experiencw with yours, although of course she’s a hell of a lot older

  4. Tasneem Says:

    You top my itunes playlist šŸ™‚

  5. alice Says:

    how are you making so many good songs?
    this is just tooo good.

  6. Charlie Says:

    hi Yaz, I’m here. I agree with Khalil, writing comments is strange knowing they will be read in retrospect, because I want to tell you how great this all is as and when it pops up. This is definately one of my favourite internet stops, and you know how many of them I have, and just how highly I value each.

    I really really liked this song

  7. Charlie Says:

    and that sounds fucking scary, the shed, I wait with baited breath and sadistic interest

  8. Charlie Says:

    (to hear how it goes) – sorry for flooding

  9. Zaynab Says:

    i love this one. i cant put my finger on why, which is very not helpful, but i could just listen to it over and over. i wonder if you used one of your programmes to make this one? it doesnt sound like it.
    and im enjoying the tracks most with your voice but i hope thats because i like your voice and not because its more mainstream that way.

    im listening to this song as i write and the chorus just hit. love it.

  10. Guy Lochhead Says:

    Wow!… I think this is my favourite so far! Maybe?.. Maybe. I love the vocal melody and difference in placement of the instruments… Make electro-pop!

  11. Fatima Says:

    this is one of my favourites! i really love it, and its a shame i cant download it and listen to it on my mp3 šŸ˜¦ ibrahim was here some days ago and reminded me of your experiment! i have to say (maybe because english is not my native laguage) that i dont always understand, or pay attention to the lyrics, but that shows the melody and your voice and the whole composition are amazing enough šŸ™‚ It definitly sounds like a potential hit!

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