13. Blocks and Blocks

I had another one of those blasted dreams about breaking isolation last night. Turns out I was sharing a room with three others and having a whale of a time. Of course, dismay when I realise what I’ve done, and then reverberating relief upon in dream understanding.

I am running out of things to say. Nothing much happens here. I’ve not been easily getting bored though.

Here is today’s stuff, it’s a bit rushed thanks to changing my mind at lunchtime.

Heroes Of Might And Magic right click and ‘save as’

I feel my work is becoming formulaic. What do you think? I suppose it is an undeniable risk, perhaps even likelihood, in pushing through creative block and working to such a rigid structure. Though I’ve not really had much creative block.



8 Responses to “13. Blocks and Blocks”

  1. Tasneem Says:

    Hi Yaseen

    I’m enjoying the music lots and don’t think its formulaic – there seems to be a lot of variety. I like today’s – it would make a good heavy rock song too.

    Hope you’re enjoying it as much as me!

  2. Daoud Says:

    I’m still really enjoying them too – glad you’re sticking to the electro-pop! Not formulaic at all – you’ve just found a framework to explore, which is what allows real creativity to flourish.

  3. Luke Says:

    Yaz, these tunes are bloody brilliant.

    Definitely not formulaic, I agree with the framework comment from Daoud. It’s when you feel bored with a framework or way of working that the innovative/ interesting ideas start coming out…

    Keep it up, man!

  4. D Says:

    Really like the idea of solitary confinement, I think I’d get a lot more done without the myriad of distractions from the internet and general world etc… Can’t seem to turn it off though!

    Either way nice stuff going on, I kinda stumbled on this and I hope I remember to check back later, would be awesome to be able to listen to the days consecutively during the process šŸ™‚

  5. Fatima Says:

    I feel guilty that I haven’t given any feedback yet but I simply don’t feel qualified to comment on the music. Okay, there is the question, do you like it? Yes, I do, and it’s not formulaic. I agree completely with the comments that we need form to be creative. But maybe your question whether it is formulaic is really about something else. Does it touch you? Is it alive? Does it speak to the heart? Yes, it does, I can hear it. Would I want to listen to it for longer, going on one of my walks? No, I wouldn’t. So why is that? I ask myself. What does that mean? I have no real answer for that, except that when it comes down to it I love silence more than music. I rarely ever listen to music by choice, only when driving, and strangly, when writing, not in the creative phase but the editing one. In this case I want the music to keep me in the heart despite me having to use my intellect. Could I use your music for that? No. Why not? Although I can hear your heart I think for my purpose there is still too much intellect getting in the way, veiling it. I am sorry I can’t be clearer about the issue, and I don’t even know whether this comment will help you at all. You are most certainly better qualified than me to tell the difference between the music I can listen to while writing and yours. Let’s talk when you are back to civilisation.

  6. Richard Says:

    Haha!! Just imagine a pixel animation with a ghostly dapper gangster going about his daily business… buying an apple? When gently this music gets his foot to tap. He looks to his feet when suddenly he begins to fly, flies high. Giving him the perspective on his town he has never been granted before, all the fausts revealed.

    BEAUTIFUL. Oh yaz.

    Favourite! i comment backwards on posts and stuff. I read go away then listen.

    this type of animation- http://vimeo.com/7037952


  7. Huw Says:

    Officially in love with this song Mr. Clarke
    Curse you’re being far too good at music making

  8. Guy Lochhead Says:

    I wouldn’t say your stuff’s formulaic at all. This one’s different – the beginning voicing and rhythm track sounds very different, and the overall structure of it.. It’s very different! It’s more R&By or something – the synth stabs in the chorus, drum pattern in the verses… It’s all good.
    I like when you get all ‘urban’, like that song ‘In’nt’.

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