10. One Quarter

One quarter through! When I regard the passage of time thus, it feels somehow easier. Indeed, when I think how quickly these ten days have passed, it is easy to think that at its end, the retreat will have elapsed in the blink of an eye.

Struggled massively with work today. Eventually I gave up and recorded an old song. It feels like a bit of a failure, even though this was something I had promised to allow myself to fall back on in case of a lack of muse. But now I think: “This is no way to push through creative struggle! This was not the intention: to give up so easily!”. And quite right too. Never mind, tomorrow is a day off, a chance to recoup my (lost?) creativity. Here is what I recorded this afternoon:

Sippy right click and ‘save as’

It seems a good point to remind you all to leave me lots of lovely comments/criticism/thoughts. I’m worried that having not done so up to now has jeopardised potential feedback!

Right, so, bu-bye!


5 Responses to “10. One Quarter”

  1. Mum Says:

    It was nice to hear this again. I went back to killing sheep cos I wanted to hear the contrast, I think the killing sheep one is really haunting and dark. Actually it had me a bit worried, but I do think its a really powerful piece. Sippy seems clever and more lightweight in comparison.

  2. Chris Says:

    I was just thinking about this the other day. Maybe my favourite traditional song of yours lyrically.

  3. Charlie R Says:

    My friend, I hope when you read this you don’t think that this comment is only being left because you mentioned comments above, that’s a coincidence. You’re in my head a lot. This blog remains something I check at ridiculously regular intervals despite knowing it only gets updates ONCE a day. Well slightly less.

    I love the music and the words. Consistently lovely and interesting.

  4. One of doze blokes wot you threw cutlasses at during WOMAD Says:

    Ey up Yas,

    Been keeping my beady lil eye’s on you, enjoying your work very much. As for favourites, ask me in 30 days time!
    Take care o’yo bad self.


  5. Guy Lochhead Says:

    Little bit nostalgic about this one.
    Made me think about the house gigs, which are so similar, but at the same time completely opposite, to your current mode of performance. It makes the song’s sadder elements stand out more. I think it’s also because this is a very ‘naked’ song, compared to your previous, more electronic stuff. Emphasises the isolation a bit.

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