9. Intruder

This morning at 6, whilst still in my warm bed, I imagined someone in the house saying “hello” questingly. It was the kind of imagining which leaves you uncertain as to whether or not you really heard something. I wrestled with concern for a while. Was it someone come to stay? Perhaps and audacious burglar? I allowed my rational mind to let me sleep again. I had two vivid dreams, one seemed somehow significant, but I’m not sure why.

In the dream I got up in the morning and there was a man skulking about the house. He had come in at 6 and had waited to ask if I wanted any plumbing done. He was a strange and pathetic man. His name was Gareth. He was very suspect. First I checked to see that he hadn’t nicked anything, then demanded he give me his contact details. That was it.

More electro-pop:

Starbuck’s right click and ‘save as’

The workroom / living room got very hot today. The weather was spectacular.

I have noticed a distinct pattern to happiness and sadness. Happy by day, sad by night. My first thought was that it came and went with the light, but I think it’s more to do with keeping busy.


5 Responses to “9. Intruder”

  1. Daoud Says:

    Beautiful, as usual 🙂

    Been following intently, sorry that this is my first comment. I’m loving the electro pop songs – you’re gonna come out with a good few albums worth! The choruses are wonderfully hooky.

  2. Mum Says:

    Really like the singing in this one. Feeling a bit concerned about your state of mind.

  3. Tas Says:

    Wow, cool dream, sorry to say the “Gareth” part made me laugh out loud. By the way I really like your blogs – they avoid being overly wordy and lengthy, and leave you eager for more.

  4. Zaynab Says:

    this is true about blog length. didnt notice it before because they are consistently so, but it is worth a well done. well done.
    and not sure the sufis would agree with those song lyrics 🙂

  5. Gareth Says:

    Hi Yas, just wanted to say sorry about the other morning.

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