8. Tunafish

I returned to the task of trying to build a sort of intuitive performance tool. The idea with this one is to provide a constantly moving and progressing quality. It samples what you play and randomly plays back sequences, refreshing what it’s doing every 32 bars and overlapping by 16 bars. Here is one of my experiments with it:

The English right click and ‘save as’

I feel I am getting closer to an idea of what exactly I am trying to create here. These programs have been difficult because I haven’t fully formed exactly how this program works. I want it to be able to fake intelligence and sensitivity to what is being played into it. I want it to behave as an accompanying musician or something. I am struggling with it.

Today I was in a much lighter mood. I threw stones at the sea, ate my lunch out in the sun, got out of bed on time and generally had a nice day. I was very involved in my work today, but I find I have started to take a different view of it. It is verging on becoming a chore, but I somehow don’t feel it will.

There is something strange about the goal I have set of producing my five (minutes of music) a day (hoho). I count down the time until I have to have finished the piece and I pressurise myself. If I find I have finished early, I am very reluctant to go on working. I mustn’t let my strictness slacken here: I am worried that, if I do, I will deliberately rush my work to finish early and reward myself with time off. The potential of my work would suffer greatly if that were the case.

Ok. Bye now.


3 Responses to “8. Tunafish”

  1. Tasneem Says:

    I like some of the “auto-music” pieces you are producing, or rather I like bits of each one. I think they would work better if you were maybe more selective or gave us more structured samples, as they sometimes tend to become a bit monotonous and fade into background music rather than demanding attention. The bits with singing over the top are much more cohesive and give a sense that there is an author behind the music.

    Also I agree that you need to stick to your working hours even if you finish early. Especially if you are using a programme to generate the music: you could just get up in the morning, press go, and collect the results at 5!!

    PS- your nephew is taking after you. He is practising to become a conductor.

  2. Richard Says:

    On first hearing what you were going to do with the 40 days I was dead impressed how strict you wanted to be with yourself and as I am reading you daily I can see how vital it was/is that you are giving yourself such strict deadlines. I just hope you are able to form a cycle of production and…meditation I guess. Something to balance out the self imposed stress. Like using the space.
    Hope you’re doing well.

    p.s surrealist to the bone

  3. Guy Lochhead Says:

    I agree with the previous comment from Tasneem about eventually becoming more selective, though at the moment it doesn’t matter because you’re still working it out – though perhaps the idea is that the intuitive performance tool would do that selection for you.
    I don’t know.
    I’d love to hear that sort of choppy automatic editing happen to multiple voices..

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