7. A Whole Week

It seems remarkable that it feels neither shorter nor longer than the week it has almost been, these kind of things always leave one with a distorted sense of duration. Perhaps it is the sheer span of time I have to consider its passing. At midnight I will have been without contact for 168 hours. I can’t pretend to not be missing it, though I hasten to add that I am by no stretch unhappy.

I think I had a slight fever last night, I dreamt vividly and woke sweaty in the dark. I don’t feel unwell in the least, which is nice. I dreamt of breaking the isolation again, was in inconsolable despair and then woke to grinning relief.

Today’s work was fine. I did more with sample editing. It seems pertinent to mention some artists who do interesting work in a similar vein: The Books, Secret Mommy and Fridge spring to mind. I think I was a bit careless, rushed a bit and didn’t concern myself too much with what I was trying to create. Still, here it is:

Blames right click and ‘save as’

Right, well that’s me just away to my dinner then.



2 Responses to “7. A Whole Week”

  1. Christine Says:

    Hi Yas!
    Just wanted to send some love streight into your bubble from Berlin..and say that I am listening to your tracks…and that I am enjoying them a lot!
    It sound beautiful where you are…in the place and in your mind.
    Now remember to train that body as well – so your mind can keep up with all of this isolation and work.! (just a stupid dancers advice..:)
    Swimming sounds like a good idea!
    But I will hear from you soon….tomorrow I guess..:)
    Sleep well..
    go away bad dreams.!
    Hugs from Christine…

  2. Steven Troughton Says:

    Swat Paz reference or not? If it isn’t, check it out!

    Great work over the past 40 days, I really admire the level of commitment to your love of music. I’ve had my own composition deadlines over the past month at uni and following your progress made me realise how hard it must have been to keep those creative juices running for so long – I find myself feeling completely spent for a few days after completing something!

    Enjoy people,


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