6. Feast

Continuing from yesterday’s experiments with random sampling, I created a little program that takes a constant input (in these cases electric guitar) and randomly sequences snippets of the recorded input. This is a lot more experimental than what I was doing yesterday and, in its early stages, a bit rubbish. Very much a work in progress. The idea was to create a performance tool that allowed you to play along with yourself in a way that didn’t rely on simply looping. I didn’t quite achieve this. Its application is a tad limited for what I was ultimately intending. I will continue with it tomorrow. Anyway, here are the first two experimentations with the program:

alphabet music one

alphabet music two right click and ‘save as’

Not much has happened or changed. The sea was an epic din. Walked along the shore. Thought about sea shanties. I cooked a smashing vegetable curry last night.

That’s all. La-di-da.


2 Responses to “6. Feast”

  1. zaynab Says:

    the beginning of alphabet music two sounds very familiar. ill sing what im hearing to you when you return and you can confirm or deny if it was the original, before your computer cut it up and stuck it back together again (very clever idea btw, looking forward to hearing the developments).

  2. Guy Says:

    It’s so funny to hear your guitar playing so ‘naked’, on record.
    I mean, it’s the same sort of voicing you use when you do it live, but I’ve never heard it from my laptop like that.
    I find there’s always something very satisfying about being able to hear the song being constructive. There’s a song by Papa M called ‘I Am Not Alone With Cricket’ that I get a similar sort of enjoyment from – it’s just him and a delay pedal, which is obviously simpler than what you’ve got going on here, but still..
    Anyway, what I’m saying is that the stripped-back guitar tone and ability to hear the progression of the songs, in real time, shows how good you are at songwriting, even on ‘throwaway’ stuff like these experiments.
    Nice one! Keep at it!!

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