3. Inside

Working today was an unending struggle. Having wasted six hours trying to build a disappointing performance tool, I decided, at 4 o clock, to record this track:

My Crew right click and ‘save as’

For some reason I found it utterly impossible to mix to a decent clarity and loudness, this version sounds flat and muddy. Sorry.

I haven’t been outside today, though not for lack of want. I have worked through with just a short break to eat lunch, and now it is uninvitingly dark and blustery out.

I felt the first pangs of loneliness last night, but they weren’t all that bad. I get excited when I think about seeing everyone after the forty days are up.

Tomorrow is my day off – haven’t yet decided how to spend, though a lie-in is quite likely. Remember, there won’t be a blog tomorrow.

It’s time for some Saturday night fun.


3 Responses to “3. Inside”

  1. Chris Says:

    From the title I was really expecting grime.

  2. Charlie R Says:

    “i’ll get my crew on you”. 40 days from now there will be fun

  3. Charlie R Says:

    and i love the tune! i do. but i know nothing of the technical aspects

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