2. Migration

The wind has been high all day, the sea has scary waves and more foam than a coke-float. It sets like jelly on the sand, is caught in the offshore wind and runs to the cliffs, disintegrating steadily.

Today a huge flock of migrating birds settled briefly on the lawn. There must have been a hundred birds directly outside my window. I took one poor snap of them through the glass, and when I opened the door for a better picture, they abruptly left.


I got repeatedly stuck trying to write this song, taking short breaks helped every time, whistling some other tune to clear my head of what I was working on. I feel as though I approached the work this morning with a preconception of what I wanted to make, a preconception that included trite pop music devices, and I am concerned this has come across in the piece. But I don’t really know. Anyway, here it is:

Flock and Foam right click and ‘save as’

Last night I lit a fire and allowed myself to get excessively cosy before bed, which was lovely. I may do the same again tonight.



8 Responses to “2. Migration”

  1. Dad Says:

    Brilliant music!

  2. Richard Says:

    hell yes, great tune and nice post

  3. Charlie R Says:

    Yaz this is excellent, so interesting and I love the music. Cant wait to see how it progresses… into madness…

  4. Guy Says:

    Oh man this good…
    Oh man!!
    That first drop into the chorus is so nice.

  5. Jez Says:

    today has been horrible, but this has just totally cheered me up.
    Yeah that first chorus drop is the best thing. your voice there is so intent and clear its amazing. best thing.

  6. khalil Says:

    Behold the fowls of the air

  7. Jack Says:

    TUNE, good start, cant wait to see how it progresses

  8. zaynab Says:

    i like this. was expecting something more dark and melancholy after reading post, but im glad its not. also, its interesting that its not.

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