1. Killing Sheep

Last night I repeatedly dreamt about breaking my isolation, which made for a fairly restless night. I would either do so accidentally, somehow forgetting what I was supposed to be doing; or I’d be forced to through some ridiculous scenario; or I’d do it completely nonchalantly, out of control of my own actions.

The house was cold this morning, making it easy to wake, but difficult to get out of bed. The morning is so quiet as to suggest deafness. Took a brisk stroll before I began work. The weather today was sunny, at lunch I sat at the end of the garden and looked at the sea, considered a swim. Too cold.

Work today was productive. On friends’ advice I have decided not to be too critical. I know that, given more time, this track would be very different, but it is this preciousness about my work that I am trying to break. Looked at this way, critical thinking can be regarded as counterproductive. I am surprised at how quickly I have decided to eschew it, I had expected its ousting to take at least a couple of weeks. Maybe it will come back.

Brian’s Brains right click and ‘save as’

I have been drinking tea faster than I rationed for: 3 cups a day. At my current rate, I will run out of tea approximately 24 days in. My midpoint grocery delivery will be a hot-drink gifty.

Right-so, more paff tomorrow.


8 Responses to “1. Killing Sheep”

  1. Tasneem Says:

    Told you not to underestimate the groceries!!!

  2. Winter Family Says:

    l am gad you are aware of the effect of Criticism, which is the arch enemy of creativity. Reflection, drive for excellence, hunger to manifest effectively, yessssssss. Criticism no!!!!!

  3. Dad Says:

    Gloomy music. Are you sure you’re OK?

  4. Chris Says:

    The beginning is lovely and Yorke-ish.

  5. alice Says:

    oh my goooood!!!
    its made me smile so so much to hear your voice.
    its so funny really because i feel as if we’re both in some kind of isolation, it sounds cheesey, but i’m surrounded by people but its so strange.
    oh yas. you’re such a talented person, and this really is wonderful. i’m so excited for you xxxxx

  6. Guy Says:

    Hey, your voice is way more forward than in the stuff I’ve heard before..
    It’s nice to hear it like that.

  7. Jez Says:

    Yas your winning all the games. of life. hey its a really nice way of receiving music too, getting a new track each day rather than a stack all at once, good for the digestion and its exciting 🙂

  8. alex Says:

    yas! three cups of tea is not enough anyway! How can i tell you this, hmmm thinking of renting an aeroplane and making n important sky message to you.

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