The Trial 23.09.09.


At lunch am faced with tough quiz: Should I save jam sandwich for dessert after evening meal?

I don’t feel particularly lonely, but already I catch myself reaching to check my phone. Probably just habit. I would love to check my email. That’d be nice.

I can hear the other occupants moving about the house. Of course, this won’t be the case when I am in isolation proper, and so it makes me doubt the similarity between this trial and the real thing. How much can I rely on this test for data regarding ‘my doom’, as I have begun to call it. HO HO HO, not really.

Stupidly, I really am still bothered about whether I should save this sandwich until later. I can imagine these kinds of petty concern driving me to distraction once I have been out of human contact for a few days. I suppose it will only get worse with time…

Again, this specific problem won’t arise during ‘my doom’ (Ha) because I won’t be forced to squirrel away a pair of sweaty sandwiches the night before for fear of meeting ‘the others’. Fuck it, I’m gonna eat it.

Work was slow this morning. Wasted about an hour on a shit 8 bar electro-pop loop, which was shit shit. Later I built a nifty little rhythm machine (which I call ‘fun rhythms tempo’). Hopefully this afternoon will yield some results with said machine.

Possible amendments to rules and routine:

>> Include writing blog/diary/thoughts at lunch. Possibly also at breakfast.

>> No eating food outside designated eating times. (Don’t quite know why though, I suppose it’s a distraction)

>> Maybe I shouldn’t restrict myself to working during working hours.

Opinions please! Also, any other suggestions would be great.


I have decided to extend this trial to 48 hours. It feels as though I would have a better idea of what to expect if I were to do this. At lunch it seemed a good idea. By 5 o clock I felt completely reluctant to draw out this confinement (for so it feels to me), but it is this reluctance which presses me to continue. I need to know how much I will have to push myself once I am in isolation.

I produced about 27 minutes of music today (way in excess of my five minute minimum). They are essentially scored improvisations using the aforementioned ‘fun rhythms tempo’ as instrument and score. Here is a screenshot:


It uses tempo divided metronomes to trigger FM synths and has a sort of building block construction, allowing for a nice hierarchical rhythm system. Here are the best two of the three tracks. I hope, at 8 minutes each, they don’t tend toward tedium (SWEET alliteration).

fun rhythms yesss (right click and “save target as”)

fun rhythms today (right click and “save target as”)

Whilst I am quite pleased with these three tracks, I feel a little as though I have cheated. Although they are scored to a fairly high degree, they are still essentially improvisations, which I think this is most apparent in the structure of the pieces. If they were fully composed and structurally planned, they would probably be shorter, and take a lot longer to compile. With this kind of work, you can eventually reach a point where you are producing finished music in real time, minute for minute. Which seems a little unfair.

Please leave lots of smashing comments and some sharp criticisms.

I’m sorry for the lateness of the post, there have been a few (infuriating) technical teething problems. To be expected I suppose.



3 Responses to “The Trial 23.09.09.”

  1. Guy Lochhead Says:

    Hi Yas,
    I’m a bit late on this, I think. Sorry about that.
    So far, I’m particularly interested in how these tiny, controlled communicative outlets of blog and music are going to channel everything that you’ll be feeling/maybe wanting to say.
    It’s interesting listening to the wordless vowel-sounds you’ve put into the fun rhythms tempo, related to the length of the written post, and it’ll be cool to see how this changes with time.
    Good luck!

  2. Taz Says:

    Love reading the blog, but I think you should probably restrict yourself to working within working hours – otherwise you could end up blogging all day instead!

  3. beef police Says:

    ive done this all the wrong way round but that is purely because the website layout is so. i think its hard to read it in chronological order if you were late on arrival as i was.
    i’ll leave comments to each song individually.

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