Trial Run Info, HOHOHO

Proposed Trial Isolation One
Wednesday 23rd September 2009
24 Hours

00:00. Sleep

07:30. Wake
Clean living/working space

09:00. Begin working day

11:00. Drink some tea
Continue Working

12:30. Break for lunch

13:30. Resume working day

17:00. End working day
Free time

18:00. Prepare blog

19:00. Upload blog
Clean space
Free time

00:00. Sleep

>>No communication, except to post the blog, or in emergencies (obviously).
>>By 17:00 I must have recorded, ready to publish, at least five minutes of music.
>>There is to be no working on music outside the working hours: 09:00 until 12:30 and 13:30 until 17:00. >>No listening to music, except that which I am working on.
>>No access to or consumption of other media, except books unrelated to music. >>No newspapers, TV, Radio, or any form of mass communication.

I expect, from this trial, to get a picture of how reasonable my rules and routine are and to get some idea of how they will affect my practice. I am hoping they will encourage focused, driven, sincere music making. My biggest concern is that I will find myself utterly without inspiration and that, in forcing myself to work despite this, I will make essentially rubbish music.
On a purely practical level, I’m expecting this 24 hour trial to help me finalise and clarify the conditions of the isolation and to highlight any unforeseen issues.

Three hours to go. To mark the occasion and, more importantly, test the .mp3 upload function, here is a track from the Mane of Mule EP, (which can be downloaded ABSOLUTELY FREE from the Best New Fun website):


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