Isolation is fun

Forty days of social, physical and communicative isolation.

Strict daily routine necessitating the composition of music and the upload of audio files six times a week.

The project experiments with creative practice, exploring the effects of personal separation on process and product. By dislocating myself from society I hope to develop effective methods of working, producing at least five minutes of music each working day.

With regards obligation to my own prescribed rules, my awareness of a public (or, perhaps, a potential public) can be considered an aid to self discipline, hence this blog.

Between 00:00 15th October and 00:00 24th November 2009 I will be out of all contact. Despite this, please post comments and send emails, my detachment will not be affected as I won’t be receiving them during the isolation period.

On Wednesday 23rd September I intend to attempt a 24 hour practice. Check back for the results, the post will be at 19:00. Depending on the results of this practice, I am hoping to embark on a 72 hour practice the following week.

The purpose of these trial-runs is multifaceted: to clarify the rules I should set myself; to give an idea of how I will feel; to see how much music I can create; and to highlight any points/aspects/ideas I have missed.

Please leave your comments/criticism/questions/ideas etc.. All feedback is hugely appreciated.


9 Responses to “Isolation is fun”

  1. Connar Says:

    This sounds like an amazing idea 🙂 I’m definitely going to keep track of this. You have more guts than I do though, cutting yourself off from everything in the time we live in could have some serious effects on you.

    Hope it goes swimmingly 🙂


  2. Andy Says:

    How are you doing this? Are you buying food/drink in advance etc? It would be interesting to know how you plan to do it

  3. Mike Bedwell Says:

    this is insane yaz will def be following this on the regular

  4. Laura Says:

    That is a really good idea you have, I’m definitely going to follow you on this one. So you’re going to be posting blogs as updates throughout this? Or just Wednesday 23rd September?

    Hope it goes well, it will be interesting to see the kind of things you produce, and how you’re feeling by the end of it.


  5. yasclarke Says:

    Thanks very much for your comments.

    In reply to your question Andy, the logistics of the project are slightly complicated. Dry food; tinned food; food that will keep indefinitely, I will be taking with me. I will be receiving weekly deliveries of fresh vegetables from local organic producers/suppliers. The deliveries will be arriving before I awake and left on the doorstep. The payments will be on direct debit, so there should be no issues with interaction.

    The location itself is suitably remote that I can leave the house for fresh air and excercise without worrying about seeing people. If I were to encounter other people, the plan is just to walk away.

    Laura, Wednesday 23rd is just a trial run. The isolation proper wont start until the 15th October, at which point I will be posting every day, Monday to Saturday. Content would be a little spartan otherwise…

    I hope that clarifies some stuff. After the trial run I should be able to describe more comprehensively these kinds of physical/logistical/tangible issues, as well as a full, academic project proposal.

    HoHoHo, thanks again!


  6. John Dunne Says:

    Great idea and best of luck with it. I’m really looking forward to the music that comes through this process.
    Warmest regards and best of luck with it all.
    John (Habib)

  7. Ella Says:

    Good luck, sounds very interesting! I generally find 2 days of isolation is enough to prompt converstations with myself, or worse – the cat.

  8. Charlie Says:

    I’m going to shit you up, I’m going to stake the place out at night and when you’re just sat there trying towork i’m going to knock on the windows and whistle and stuff

    obviously i’m not, because if i WAS going to, having said this would ruin it. I’m going to put another status on facebook too. I really can’t wait to see how this goes man. Lets do something crazy when it’s over

  9. Richard Says:

    I am worried Charlie that after this there will be no “when it’s over”. I probably should have hugged Yaseen last time I saw him as after this Yaz as we know him will be dead. A socially inept monster with an ego the size of the moon (due to the daily process of writing to himself and having to give praise to his daily creations in order to stop certain insanity) will return haggard and retarded. Yaz I hope you read this before you go, it was a pleasure knowing you.

    Richard. x

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